Guinness-style filters now on at Third Monk!

We've all had a creamy pint of Guinness on tap, right?  Some claim Guinness in Ireland is way better than Guinness served here in the U.S.  There are two parts to that magic, the gas used, which is Nitrogen and also the Guinness-style tap.  We've picked up a few Guinness-style taps for the English ales we are serving now and the difference is dramatic.  Creamy and smooth, even without the Nitrogen (which is said to produce smaller bubbles in carbonation), we still get a substantially smoother, softer beer as the CO2 bubbles are broken up by the mesh filters in theses new taps.  Our English Bitter, the Lyon Pride is amazing served this way.  The John Porter and the Goldhaven Stout both see substantial benefits too.  Stop in soon to enjoy them!

Posted on November 11, 2015 .